Submission Guide

The submitted paper to the conference must not be previously published, and not considered elsewhere for publication. The submission is electronic and in a DOC format only will be considered. The paper should be designed based on the IEEE format with no more than 6 pages.

step by step Submission

For step by step submission, please click here.

Paper Format

The template and the formatting instructions can be downloaded below:

The submission of the paper should be performed via EDAS, however, the author needs to have an EDAS account. If you don’t have such an account, we can create one for you and submit the papers conveniently by sending an email to including the following information:

  • Name of the all contributed authors, with EDAS account (if available)
  • Email addresses of all authors
  • Contact address of all authors (affiliation)
  • Track name and topic (to check the track and topics please click here)
  • Attach the manuscript file in doc format


Note: The manuscript file must be named with the paper title, “Paper title.doc”.

Presentation Format

Prepare your presentation based on the conference presentation template which can be downloaded from PaperID_PresenterName

Copyright Form


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