Graph Modeling: Concepts and Applications

Dr. Ismael A Ali, University of Zakho
Room: University of Zakho – Chemistry Hall


Graphs, from discrete mathematics, are everywhere in the universe, all the way from galaxies down to molecules and atoms. As an efficient tool; graphs can represent, formulate, analyze and solve many of the real-life problems in our every-day life. For instance, they help us going places using the GPS gadget, booking flights, finding friends on social networks, analyzing financial and security crises, finding proper drugs for our illness symptoms. But what are graphs? Why really to use them? When to use them? How to use them? This workshop will help you find proper answers for these questions. Furthermore, it will present needed concepts of graph modeling, which is how to reduce your research problem into a graph theory problem, with two life demo examples from field of Social Network Analysis and Semantic-Based Text Mining, respectively the problems of Finding Communities in Facebook and Topic Modeling in newsletter text corpora. Finally, the workshop will present and discuss open problems and potential research collaborations for the subject of the graph modeling among participants.

Theme and Topics
  • Graph Theory
    • Basic Concepts
    • Applications
  • Doing Graph Modeling
    • Algorithmic Graph Theory: Main Problems and Solutions
    • When to Use Graph Theory?
    • Reduction of Your Research Problem to a Graph Theory Problem: Graph Modeling
  • Connecting Points: Life Demos on Graph Modeling
    • Text Mining:
      • Graph Theory of Text Semantics
      • Text Semantic Problem of Topic Modeling
    • Social Science
      • Graph Theory of Social Network Analysis (SNA)
      • SNA Problem of Community Detection
    • Discussions, Open Problems and Potential Research Collaborations.
List of Presentations and Speaker
  1. (Graph Theory) Lecturer, Dr. Ismael A Ali, University of Zakho, Department of Computer Science
  2. (Doing Graph Modeling) Lecturer, Dr. Ismael A. Ali, University of Zakho, Department of Computer Science
  3. (Connecting Points: Life Demos on Graph Modeling) Lecturer, Dr. Ismael Ali Ali, University of Zakho, Department of Computer Science
  • 14:30 – 15:00, Registration
  • 15:00 – 16:30, Opening the Workshop & starting presentation
  • 16:30 – 17:00,   Discussions, Notes, and Closing

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