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Paper payment

Dear ICOASE2019 Committee...

I have paid the full registration fees to Mr. Sami, but not through Emad al-naseeb company but to (كريم كه هشت) since the transfer company said that they deal with emad al-naseeb only in Duhok, not in Zakho, the address of Mr.Sami is in Zakho so they said it must be transferred to (كريم كه هشت) company. But I already mentioned the ICOASE2019 and paper ID in the payment document.

The other thing is that I have sent the money using USD 180$ not using Iraqi Currency. I just noticed that if the money sent to Mr.Sami it must be in Iraqi Dinar. So, I wonder if there would be any problem or not?

Regards ...


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Dear Mr. Husam,

Thanks for your questions as maybe many others benefit from these two points mentioned by you.

As for the first one that you sent the fees to Gahisht Company, as far as I know, there is no problem for that, since the last conference we were dealing with that company. The other part that you say there is no branch in Zakho, I can correct you that there is a branch of the company in Zakho as shown in their business card (


There is no problem at all of sending fees in US Dollars or Iraqi Dinars.


Kind regards,



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Dear Dr.Karwan ...

First of all, thanks a lot for your fast and comprehensive response.

Actually, I did not mean that there is no branch for the Emad Al-naseeb company in Zakho but the company that I transferred the fees through, said that they do not deal with Zakho branch only with Duhok one and they told me, in Zakho they deal with Gahisht Company. I know there is a branch and I have already printed the business card and showed it to them. But anyway, It is good to know that there is no mistake in my payment process.

Best Regards,


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