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Paper situation

Dear Committee and colleagues
Kindest Greetings,
Hope you all well and having a good time, the final email received form committee in 25-Feb-2019 was about time clearance given for submitting the revised paper registered in ICOASE 2019 #1570523306 and entitled ("Optimal Allocation of a STATCOM for a Power System Genetic Algorithm Based") after modification and answer the comments which made by the reviewers, so we completed the revised version with the answers for the comments by reviewers (one-by-one) as requested and submitted it in 27-Feb-2019, Until now we did not receive any email about the paper modified and comments, we need to know which our paper is accepted or not? and if not accepted, are there any recommended modifications suggested by the reviewers or committee? please, anyone knowing about this paper situation notify us to find other conferences if the paper is not accepted. 
Best Regards
Hassan Ali Abdulmajeed Salbi

Dear Dr. Hassan,

We have already sent you the status of your paper entitled

(1570523294): Optimal Allocation of a STATCOM for a Power System using Genetic Algorithm

And, if you go to your EDAS regarding your paper, the status is shown there as well.

Kind regards,





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Kind regards,

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